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If you already understand what blockchain technology is, then continue reading this page to understand why and how it can benefit you and become a valuable appreciating investment.



At the core of the BITCUB project is technology that has major benefits for those operating in the world of community based finance. This technology uses a new type of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) providing cost effective and compliant services for management in addition to engaging new products for the community members they serve.

BITCUB technology is the future of the financial services industry, as more and more people are turning away from traditional banks to community focused financial organisations. Investing in our token sale offers you the chance to be an early adopter and reap the personal benefits of being a token holder. These will include:

  • Earning a percentage of interest rates accrued by CFFOs that are part of our platform.


  • Receiving a percentage of transaction fees which are distributed to our token holders as members of the BITCUB community which are gained, on each transaction. Our AI engine will allow these transaction fees to remain much lower than traditional services, thus encouraging more usage. This will benefit both community organisation members that use the service, as well as allowing token holders and investors to profit.


  • Voting rights within the platform and relevant CFFOs for members. Our BITCUB app will allow for easy voting for token holders on important issues.


  • Token holders will benefit from more favourable interest rates on savings and loans from participating organisations based on the amount of tokens they hold. Meaning the more BCU you possess, the greater your savings with your Credit Union, Building Society or other CFFO.


  • BCU tokens will be listed on exchanges after the ICO and will be able to appreciate in value and used not just as a utility token on our platform but as a valuable investment vehicle. 


Investing now during our initial pre-sale phase will grant you a bonus of 20% on every purchase (this bonus will drop to 10% during our 2nd pre-sale phase, and our main token sale phase will sell tokens at the usual rate or 1 BCU for 0.01 ETH). So by acting now, you have a chance to take advantage of this bonus and gain more BCU!