BITCUB: AI Optimized Blockchain

Harnesses the very best of blockchain technology in a single easy-to-use AI platform

Speed up your admin and IT operations, reduce your costs and become more relevant for your customers.


BITCUB is a new blockchain platform specifically designed for community focused financial organisations (CFFOs). This includes Credit Unions, Building Societies, Community Development Organisations and Community Focused Banks.


  • Wasting money on non-value-added activities
  • Not attracting new customers
  • High administration costs
  • Unwieldy legacy IT systems causing inertia and continued waste
  • Overhead required to conform with central bank regulations


BITCUB technology will save your organisation up to 30% on admin costs and greatly address internal inefficiencies. The powerful combination of a secure and compliant blockchain with our BITCUB AI engine matches your individual requirements with only the very best proven solutions. BITCUB also assists in attracting new customers with a quick on-boarding process and multiple access channels.


The BITCUB Blockchain Platform provides a solid future proof, foundation for your customers, allowing them to access products and services in a swift and secure manner.

Fast and low cost international credit transfers are enabled on the platform, without the need to engage any intermediaries. All transfers are carried out using the best Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and can be converted to local currency upon arrival.

Loans, share, savings, and current accounts all based on self-executing smart contacts reducing admin, ensuring compliance and improving internal efficiencies, allowing you to free up time to spend on the higher value work.

Decentralised network means that platform can be accessed and owned by Community Focused Financial Organisations all over the globe.

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Future-proof profitable platform

This platform will allow only the very best DLT companies to participate in providing these services and the Artificial Intelligence Engine will only select the best technology for a given application. This platform is being created for the long term and those participating will be able to benefit from beneficial rates on loans and savings products in addition to an appreciating cryptocurrency BITCUB which can be also be traded in exchange for goods and services.


How will BITCUB help community focused financial organisations like credit unions?

Decide on which modules to be licensed from BITCUB

BITCUB will provide specific products and services to Financial Organisations to satisfy specific customers’ needs. The package can be upgraded at any time and there will be enhancements made based on member feedback, new requirements for efficiency improvements and regulatory requirements.  The more products licensed the greater the savings in terms of both costs and efficiency for the organisation. 

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BITCUB A.I. and Distrubuted Ledger Technology (DLT) provides the best match

Our intelligent platform will match your organisations specific needs with the best available DLT/Blockchain technology. This is performed by a weighting criteria decided by individual needs in a dynamic and responsive manner. The criteria will contain elements including cost, security, speed, reliability, etc. For example, somebody using a remittance feature may prefer to pay lower fees even if it means a slower confirmation time on the transaction.

The product is deployed to members of the community

The products are made available by the organisations in the cloud, online and through mobile applications for use by members. Elements from KYC to AML are included for rapidly accessing accounts and services for loans, savings, remittances, voting, and educational activities.


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